Why Don't I Have a Man? Why don't I have a man? The simple answer: Nobody wants ME. They see my full lips, and want to kiss them. They see my pretty legs, and want to lick them. They see my glorious letters, and want to be seen with them. They see my many accomplishments, and want to lean on them. They don't recognize me when I'm out in the day light But I can't stop them from calling all hours of the twilight. From my 626, to the way my hair is kept, From the way I walk, to the way I step. On the surface it seems, lonely I should never be. But search a little deeper and you find the neglected ME. I mean, I know I'm on point. I'm smart, sexy, astute, incredible, strong, fortitudinous, ravishing, gregarious, admired, Not to mention BBF, Black, Beautiful and Fine. And I can understand how this may intimidate you a bit, But is it my fault if you're not man enough to handle it? And yes, I fully understand that I can be demanding, bull-headed, spoiled, unbearable, persistent and time-consuming, But so is your mama my dear. And hell, somebody liked it or you wouldn't be here. And that says what? Somebody ought to like ME, Somebody ought to love ME. So, when you see me coming, Stop acting like I'm a bad omen. Stopping pushing away Your strong black women. Let me love you the way only a Strong Black Woman could, And return that love Like a Strong Black Man should. Don't be put off by my fire. It rages for both of us with a deep yearning. Don't you know any fire left alone long enough Will eventually stop burning? Don't be jealous of my confidence. My victories are ours. I'm not trying to humble you. want to unite our powers. I'm not your competitor. Don't be a punk, I really wish you would Stop being afraid of me, And get a grip on your manhood. Don't hate me because I know I'm beautiful; love me. Don't walk away from me because I'm strong; run to me. We are in this together, don't you understand. Do right, stand tall, be a real man. And pass me by If your just looking for somewhere to plant your seed. Don't come if your not going to stay I've got all the FRIENDS I need. And to all you men that are spoken for, (You don't have to admit it if you don't want to) But please stop bothering me. You just think your man enough to handle two. Don't have her thinking that you're clear about how you feel, When your mind is so blurred, you can't see. Don't use her, then come to my house And use me. Don't leave her sitting at home While you go to the store . At 830 Lovers Lane, Apartment 69 You know you won't be buying groceries when you walk through my do or. It's trifling, its demeaning, How can you stand to look yourself in the face. To humiliate your black sisters that way Is such a disgrace. I just want to love you, And help you reach the highest heights that you can. You lose when you divide yourself, Because I'm more than enough woman for any man. Please understand that the way you treat me Is a direct reflection of your personal wealth. If you can't be proud to be with me and exclusively me, You've got your raging hormones, but no sense of self. You're not meant to be shared. If you were, you would have two . . . Y Chromosomes. You should treat me like a queen, not a harem member, And together we will sit on the throne. Because you're still playing. Because you're too insecure to take a stand. Because I absolutely will not settle. That's why I don t have a man. You need to put your toys aside, But only when you're sure you can. I'll be right here waiting When you're ready to be my man. - Ayanna Card 1997

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