Where Did "You" Go?
*dedicated to hip-hop*

Give it to me the way "You" know I love it
Don't front on my groove and rush it
Take your time and just let everything flow
Stay "True" to your mission and let my body know
That "You" have arrived inside to start the show
Don't mess me over and play any groove that's slow
I came to "You" out of Love and pure dedication
I watch time pass me by, 'cuz I wait with anticipation
Hoping you'll reign "True" and last long
No wack! mixin' or words to make me sing, ring-a-ding-dong
I need somethin' "Real" like back in the day
Play me some RUN DMC or some L.L. Cool J
I need to close my eyes and let "You" penetrate
For all wanna-be MCs "You" need to demonstrate
The correct way to hold a mic and command on stage
Rhymes filled with purpose and passion, not just rage
With "You" I didn't drink 40's or need weed to get high
"You" kept my head noddin' and the sweat on my thigh
It wasn't an East or West thing, it was all about skills
"You" knew how to get paid and "You" kept it real
I have to go underground to reach my orgasm
To get what I miss, that caused my muscle spasm
"You" not only entertain, "You" would educate and lax my mind
In today's bed of illusions, the real "You" is hard to find
You're masked by capitalist, sadistic sexists, who treats "You" like a trick
"Their" goal is to castrate a culture, not just your dick
Every day I worry about "You" and wonder if "You" know
That those who remember, ask where did "You" go?

by Jacquelyn "Lady Jp" Parks *writer for
Street Flava Magazine out of Houston Texas

address: P.O. Box 312 Missouri City,
TX 77489, ph#281-438-0587
email: EWParks@aol.com

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