"What I Can't Tell You..."
- J.C. Hall

A bedside candle dances so carefree...
painting and fading profiles in mild distortion,
without rhyme or reason...
when I recreate
the abdomen tracks you plowed
with the seed of promise...
the hidden contours along my backside,
drawn with your admiration
and indelible to all that is me.
I can tell you that I miss you,
As long as you will listen...

How can one deny the unmatched feeling
of being another's everything?...
when to awaken in-the-arms,
Clutched -
most dear than life itself,
is all too convincing...
to be the only thought -
with no regard to the seasons of the mind.
I can tell you that I wish you,
As long as you will listen...

Remorse and regret often water the remains of the dead -
as the staccato of a dirge refuses to be an echo...
With this dark, dank shroud,
I blanket the fear of thy chiseled name...
This fear that binds me to you -
I can't tell you that I love you,
I can only say it...

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