Crumbling civilazations-public hysteria-abusive marital
relations-remanifesting malaria/ blurring racial lines-cross cultured
communication-expanding of the minds-reuniting nations/ kkk-arayan
supremace-trapped in ghetto hell-biological warfare chemist-overcrowding
jail/ rising of a new dawn-being in love with a woman-agreements between
pro and con-keep you pushing while I'm pulling/ the devil
incognito-addicts lose control-rapists deranged libido-exchanging money
for your soul/ soothing April showers-lending helping hands-mystic
healing powers-travel foreign lands/ std's the sex disease-bloody mafia
hits-oozone layers effect degrees-on a grave we spit/ God embrace our
being-appreciate natural beauty-through your own eyes start seeing-care
of child as a duty/ decapitating heads of innocence-deceptions, untrues
the lies-lacking selfworth and confidence-the jealous snare with
despise/ One hand seems to wash the other, it seems without one the
latter can't live, eternal conflictions with one another, The struggle
of positive and negative......................

wriiten by JaDill

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