You said you had never talked to a gangster queen before I suppose you didn't know what to expect The first day we met I felt our connection You looked into my eyes and I looked into your soul That was the beginning of two warrior spirits becoming one You taught me my first game of 21 Talked to me about the philosophy of God and stars Held me on cold winter mornings Made love to me in the afternoon To the vocals of Makaveli We were two gangsters Caught up in a whirlwind of stress and strife Together we found the love that filled the void in our lives All my anger and pain Became my passion for you In your eyes I could see and feel so much You never spoke a word But I could feel your strength We held on to each other As if we had no one else Who could feel the pain of being alone better than a gangster I understood because I knew We went through the long days And the nights Even when death threatened to end your life I stayed by your side You shielded me from the harshness and coldness of reality Your love kept me and made me strong And then the 5-0 took you away from me I spent my days pining away for you In the night I cried for you Remembering the love and passion we shared No one can ever touch my soul the way you did I wonder if Fate cursed the love of two gangsters Making it impossible for us to find heaven in this life of hell And now I only have memories of the most true, but bittersweet love Shared with you and you alone You were my Daddy And I was your Thug Missus But now without you I feel and am nothing at all Just another gangster left all alone.
Chantay Leanord

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