TechnoBaby I'm a synthesized digitized unnatural noise, i'm a man-made silly-putty curcuit blip i am cross wired silicon veined bioelectric death (whose lungs kill like a burroughs girl...) see: my momma was a test-tube my poppa's still on ice and i'm their drugged up drugged down Prozac Baby, Valium Prince- - I'm the Grey and Neon Acid Queen of the concrete islands in this asphalt desert where broken glass and broken dreams and broken back of Nature gleam like diamonds in the road. and You who try to save this Earth, yeah, YOU, in brown and green and dirt, you deny who you are when you condemn who I am. For we are all connected in this techno-baby yin-yang and you have tasted me, my friends, in plastic-fast-food-wrappers-ignore-the-hungry-homeless ways -but- i have tasted you, as well, when in the glaring orange buzz of a sodium vapor streetlamp i stopped. to watch the snowflakes fall -dg 1997

written by
Dawnie Doll

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