Sublunary Bliss

Y ou begged me to leave the window blinds open
so we can make love with the blue-bright orb of the moon
as a backdrop to our stage,
so you can see the glints of moonlight
bounce off the curves of my body
clung to yours as we undulate
and writhe
and turn together
in sublunary bliss.
Now, I watch you sleep in the deepest chasm of night.
The light of the moon
and the light of the candles dance with one another
flickering about and shimmering
upon your face
as you sleep.
I observe the glow and shine of dark skin in the gray-black night.
Light dances around you.
It lovingly plays with you.
It caresses your smooth cheeks.
Gently runs glimmering traces
down the bridge of your nose
and touches the tip of it.
Kisses your fluttering eyelids
as you dream your sad,
longing dreams.
I kiss the eyelids that protect
the obsidian-like
jewels of your eyes.
I gingerly run my finger
down the bridge of your nose
and touch its apex,
following the candlelight's and moonlight's
lucent traces.
I caress the smooth skin of your burnt umber cheeks.
Your unconscious self feels my presence,
then with long brown arms
draws me close to your body,
your face.
With full, moist, dark rum lips you kiss my forehead.
You hold me tightly in your slumber.
I feel the warmth of your sweet almond-vanilla scented breath
on my cheek,
on my neck.
The steady rhythm of your breathing
and expansion
and contraction of your chest
lulls me into the same
deep chasm of night
in which you have found
utter repose.

written by Soulful Bliss

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