laments of a coconut prieta

by la guarani

hey white girl

I aint white, son.

Girl, look in the mirror!

He say Black and me say white and she say red and I say WHAT?

Memory of my pops goes a little something like this:
Always wearing suits he got from some guy who died and gave his shit to the salvation army. The dead guys were always about 5 ft. 9 and my dad is 6' 2". Ankles flappin in the breeze, stayed wearing the butterfly collars. Probably didnt help how many Ukrainians there were around that particular Salvation Army. They some short people.

Where my pops lived people really listened to those records from the 99 cent bin. Thats how come I heard of Steve Winwood and Journey. For older people, Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson. Older guys rocked suck-tite jeans in Lorain, Ohio, and they stuck a comb in their back pocket to feather their hair as they pumped gas at the Sunoco. Younger guys had voices sounded Black if you closed your eyes. You can bet their parents didnt like that too much.

I used to tell him,
Hey Papi, I like to walk from school to your office ok. Walking's good for you, you know.
What I never told him was, coņo, pops, if you pick me up in that speed-stiped pickle wagon car you got, I'm going to get cracked on for days!

My pops never had a lot of money. He liked to eat spam or sardine sandwiches at work. I think that was all he could afford cause paying alimony to three ex-wives clean wiped out his bank account. Speaks better Spanish than I do on account of living down there for so long, and all the PortoRocks who live alongside the HardKnocks. My daddy started out 3 steps from nowhere and ended up with a PhD.

White people rich and got beemers and play golf? They got it easy? My pops was a minority too, I guess.

He say Black and me say white and she say red and I say WHAT?

They told me my moms is a His-Panic. But in her country she got the light colored skin to prove otherwise. In her country, the full-blood Indians lie 7 to a cage, but white skin gets you a passport if you slip them a twenty. I'd bet that twenty that her blood lines arch back to villages all over Europe. Its the Indian that's crouching in a corner inside her. If she does the form herself, she checks off "other" and writes human in the box. but if the interviewer does it, they always check white unless they're picky about accents.

Latinos got kinkicurli hair and cinnamon toast skin? They uneducated and live in the Pjays? My moms was white too, I guess.

He say Black and me say white and she say red and I say WHAT?

So what are you, white girl? Which one of your parents is the colored one?

I don't know, b, I don't know.
I'm just tellin you, te lo estoy diciendo,
that I'm a MickSpick
A Black Cracker
A ButterPecan Paraguayan
te lo juro,
A French face eating some greasy maduro
white trash with a college degree
secret Indio voices singin songs to me.
I'm alla that.

by la guarani

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