Rhetorically Speaking Am I a ho Because I love Black men Because I love to love them Whether I have one to 50 Is it a bad thing If I've loved them wholly In a certain space and time Am I a ho Because my hips move With the rhythm That rocks the worlds Changes grown men Into sleeping babies Let me know So that I'll point the next brotha To a narrow-hipped, stiff walkin' Asian or white woman I have a hard time accepting the label Because I choose my lovers carefully Brothas needing love A few with the rare ability To love me Sometimes I choose not to choose at all Tell me Am I a ho Because I love myself and am free To love others I want to know Why should I keep all this good pussy To myself

written by

[This poem was donated from D Knowledge's book
'Catch the Fire:
A Cross-Generational Anthology of
African American Poetry

(Riverhead Books)
D Knowledge has appeared in the movie Higher Learning and Panther.. He also has an album out on Qwest Records which is Quincy Jone's label

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