REVELATIONS The last days are here, Only God shall I fear Repent for Jesus second coming is near Vengeance of the Lord will be poured among the evil The vials of God's wrath my friend are quite real Were living in a disobedient generation Harden not your heart in these days of temptation That's why there's grief, unbelief, people living off the streets getting high to get by, no hope in life just want to die Lost their fate, joined Heaven's Gate percentage getting high in the suicide rate Famines and disease, that's all we hear about on TV By sharing a needle or contracting it in the bed, AIDS is being spread, millions dropping dead Beware of false prophets like Dionne Warrick, trying to find, answers through psychic hotlines? Look to God for your hope, not your daily horoscope! Think about it! Should you really have to pay, for someone to tell us what's coming your way? Put your trust in God and He'll direct your path Cast your burdens unto Him and He'll do the math Ask it shall be given, seek and you shall find With a good head on your shoulders with the right state of mind, will get you to that place that He wants you to be It might take a bullet to the chest to finally face reality I'm so tired of seeing my brothers in Christ getting shot, This has got to stop! You see, your weapons are your words Not a 45, the enemy will fall when they hear from the wise So break a sweat from your brain and you will gain fame when defeating your opponent playing the game called life All these are the beginning of sorrow, He'll come like a thief in the night, maybe tomorrow The plague of locusts are given power to devour in the last hour, for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, so slip into your whole armour of God, so that you maybe able to stand This war I'm talking about doesn't take place in desert sands This battles in your minds and were fighting it every minute Our enemy is not men, but we come against evil spirit's There as real as you and me, don't believe just cause their presence you can't see You know the biggest trick the devil ever played? Is he convinced the world he doesn't exist... Peace and much love....Remedy

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