Peace. I'm a poet out here in Atlanta and I go by the name POETIX. I published a book of poetry named "VERSATILITY: Verse Art-Illery" and I put on a reading in Atlanta called "Psycho-Dialectic: Poetry For The Prose" every Tuesday night. For more info you can check out my page(Address at end). I really dug J-Crow and Third Degree. Poetry is the new weapon. . .If more of us learn how to use it. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope they're not too long. They're both from my book. Respectively, chapters entitled "Jezebelian Journeys" & "Songs 4Da Souljah."

Psychic Pimp: For The Finger Pointers Let it be known, that all compassion has been thrown, To the way side along with foolish pride Because the foolish hide But I intend to collide Head on, head strong Play me?! Shit, bitch ya dead wrong Fuck your tears Bitches come hear this here Bitches come in pairs meaning they come twice To make the come any less would not suffice This pimperís paradise, but also be a psychic pimp vice So I play these hoes like dominoes right Femme fatale foes I dispose of by fives 10 selfish strokes for a 5 dollar hoe 15 pimp jokes for a 20 minute show And oh, its most definitely a show because I taped the hoe Nothing you can see, taped privately in 3-R-D E-Y-E, A minor memory, fuck you gettiní you girl its all about me, But this is merely the result of a societal ill Years past safe sex being a padded head board And a bitch on the pill We must travel to the source of what put us on this course The catalyst and detinating force Of this bomb day of disease and divorce Was it in our nature or their Nat-Ur-Al Ap-Pal I mean, Its chicken or the egg Who fucked up first the pussy or the third leg Adam the poor soul had no control over the mentally erect Because in sex, nothing makes sense unless youíre limp! The come correct strength and abstract aspect Of the Psychic Pimp. In the beginning one woman deceived so now they all bleed And give birth after their wisdom bursts Something theyíve grown to be proud of now But a straight up punishment at first; a curse! Whatís worse, is that they still practice and rehearse, What put us all in an awaiting hearse in the first, No joke when they approach, disguised and cloaked With their panties soaked, thereís fire usually where you see smoke And that fire burns so condoms are worn My heart would be torn if my first child was refused the right to be born Looked upon with a fatal feministicly fetal scorn, forever the X-man would mourn Psychically I see all that exists even her past Her lovers, plumbers, and suckers from her first one to the very last the hearts she left trashed, the pussy checks she cashed The dicks in her mouth, the come on and in her ass I see her long line of riders walk up along side her This jovial Jezebel seeking new Jimmy providers The one night stands, fuckiní me, my man, my man, and my man The Psychic Pimp pictures and figures fellow dick delivers Pounding her moist surrounding So tell me how you hoes sound when You cry respect me, when last night it was sex me There ainít no doubt as to what youíre all about So donít even pout when I come in your mouth Be the clever instinctively vindictive bitch you were born to be Or play Phoenix and rise from the games A Black Queen and get with me.(end)

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