Penny For Your Troubles
Creation, product of manipulation...inevitable...regret the hesitation Adapt to the scenery...ambiance around profound statement. My mind not, mind my aggravated sense of sensibility. Captivating your mind...rewind the moment in my member, In my psyche, to depict ìtheî...she and I become we. Damn-it girl, you hurt my heart every damn time Thí vibe distorts my chained over-reaction to thí stable pattern, As the wheels in my mind create primitive means of subconscious productivity... Infinitely. ìBitch, I ainít got no time or no money!î This society runs, I run around like a chimp -- with his fist balled in a jar -- on thí streets. Eye begins to tear, because I hear agony surpressed in the questionable framework of my... ...shit, Iím self centered. We must think less of my and more of ours... ...not even ours but in terms of us! Let us not become preoccupied with achieving shit Interrelatability is the epitome of the cosmos...HA! Cousin, thí monkey on your back is unshakable...why fight it. Spend that five dolluhís on a fabrication, give into the temptation. Make sure you come around my way...liquidation and acidity.
by: toushantashi-damisi

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