Pay day by la guarani Pay Day is the day unknown cousins go crosstown to clubs thick with coffee color bleach blondes and spend their whole check on drinks for chicks who at the end of the nite take flite trying to buy love big willie for once but the ladies bounce/ say good bye with no hesitation deading relations "cheapest kinda ho there is but you dont get much bang for yo buck" ol man on the corner says and the cousins return alone buying time huddled against the morning which means back to work 12 hours a day work work in a city that speaks a mean throttle of strange words and a nigga without a whip is the nigga the girls skip Pay day Is the day lil' Jimmy hides under the bed cause when pops gets paid he comes home at 4 swingin crooked and the bathroom aint a safe place to hide anymore since Chino broke the latch and caught licks even when it wasn’t pay day so now Jimmy hides under the bed cause at least pops can only reach far enough to kick the legs. a little. Pay Day is the day unknown aunts go to wait in lines steppin across slow moving doped-up cockaroaches in the check cashers saying [but Im sure this check is valid, can't you cash it anyways, I don't know "which paper you're talking about" and then pack the aisles of the hospital saying "but this medicine is spozed to be covered, what do you mean its not deductible, I don't know which paper you're talking 'bout" even though no one listens and they can see that the fat lady with pullin out corn rows and two tone jeans has been waiting just as long and that the viejito with hair taking over over his ears has been waiting twice as long and they sigh and think at least today is pay day even though money is tight thank god for small blessings these tias, our soldiers on the front lines of the war with beaurocracy. Pay Day is the day my little brother picks up his $179.65 from his rich white boss and goes to the store owned by rich white people to buy clothes designed by rich white people (but sewn by a spic like me for 45˘ an hour.) Then he gets back on the A train and the rich white people trickle out before the brown can smack them uptown [Watch the closing doors cause you might get caught in Harlem] until he is back here on the block with $3.50 left in his pocket and the police who his tax paid for stop him cause he is wearing the clothes made by the rich white people (but sewn by a spic like me for 45˘ an hour) and this policeman sez "you fit the description of somebody who robbed a rich white person on 112th" but I tell them its more like he fits the description of somebody who got robbed by a rich white person named Tommy Hilfiger They just look at me and stare take his ass down to the precinct for 'questioning' but I think the question was really why did my lil' bro come home with speed bumps on his head "no comment, routine procedure" "no comment, routine procedure" I guess they only got questions over there cause answers are in short supply.
by la guarani

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