One Life
One light reacts through one prism
and diffracts a spectrum of culturalism
where no single religion will guide all your livin'
as the rainbow is a blanket, so we're all the same light
'til media stereotype bleeds your life
with what's wrong and what's right
'cause their spectrum glows with just black and just white
with lies that fly by our eyes to which we rise
like they represent a divinity
but i hold cultures as precious as your daughter's virginity
and won't acknowledge vultures attacking the validity
like some who preach their cross of the lord
but burn that same cross in my neighbor's front yard
so don't believe the hype because all colors are one light
and through the same metaphor all culture is one life--
every truth you accept as reality is a lie you shun
so just respect all spirituality 'cause we all start as one.

Martin Wasserberg (Poetic One Love)

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