Davey D's
Friday Night Vibe Top 30
October 31-November 8 1997

The Friday Night Vibe
airs every week on 94.1 FM KPFA in Northern Cali..
Check it out from 11pm-3am

1RAKIMGuess Who's Back?93Universal
2PUFF DADDYBig Ole Butt96Priority
3GANG STARRYou Know My Steez89Noo Trybe
5LUNIZ w/ KuruptJus Me & U83Noo-Trybe
6SALT-N-PEPABrand New90Red Ant
7BUSTA RHYMESPut Your Hands..94Elektra
9ANT BANKS w/ WCHard Knox93Priority
10WCGive It Up95Priority

11SAUCE MONEYAgainst The Grain86Roc-A-Fella
12THE FIRMPhone Tap88Interscope
13SEAGRAMIf The World Was Mine92Noo Trybe
162PACI Wonder If Heaven..--Jive
17AMGPimp's Anthem113Select
18LL COOL J w/ LeShaunNobody Can Freak110Def Jam
19WU-TANG Heaterz88Loud
20NICE-N-SMOOTHBlazin' Hot95Street Life

21CHUBB ROCKLife96Select
22BUTTASOFTPull Up At The Party102Select
23187-FacThe Frontline89Penalty
24LUKEOh Sheila [Frank Delour remix]108Luke
25TEFLONGotta Get Ova92Relativity
26ICE CUBELegal Paper85Street Life
27MYSTIKALAin't No Limit83Jive
29BIG JAZFoundation92D&D Records
30OUTKASTIn Due Time82La Face

AddMOUNTAIN BROTHERS5 Elements87Ruff House
AddMILITIABurn96Red Ant
AddDOXXMANSpontaneous Combustion90Homeless
AddFATHA DOMTell Yo Baby's Mama..--Paradise

MUSIC NOTES: This week there are a couple of songs one may definitely wanna check out.. First off is Puff Daddy's remake of LL Cool J's classic.. 'Big Ole Butt'.. It without a doubt is off the hook in a major way...I know I know there are lot's of folks complaining that Puff bites off of everyone's music... and while that maybe true.. This is one bite that hits...

The album that features this Puff cut is entitled 'In The Beginning There Was Rap'.. It features all sorts of hip hop classics that have been remade.. The b-side to the Puff Daddy song is the KRS-One classic 'Still #1'.. Cypress Hill handles the duties for that track.. It works.. Also featured is a remake of Rapper's Delight.. If you're here in the states you've probably seen the video..of Redman, Keith Murray and Erick Sermon gettin' busy as they re-work the song. The other song that's out and hittin' is Wu-Tang Clan's remake of the Run DMC classic 'Sucker MCs'.. Here out west.. Too Short's remake of Sexual Harrassment's 'I Need A Freak' is on point.

Here out here in Northern Cali.. folks are still very much checkin' for Master P and his No Limit Army.. His new song Ghetto D looks like it's gonna go one to be a classic.. Mention is name or play his song and the dance floor gets packed with enthusiatic fans..With the Ghetto D track look for Master P to make some inroads in the East Coast... Why? Because he uses the beat from the song 'Eric B For President'.. Now everyone around the countryn is gonna be moaning like Master P... Much props to him...

Finally I have an album cut for folks to peak... It's off the Salt-N-Pepa album..entitled 'Brand New'... The title track squarely puts these hip hop veterans back in the hearts and minds of hip hop headz...The beat is a hip hop interpolation of an old b-boy classic.. I unfortunately can't remember the name of this familiar riff.. But it hits.. Also on the Salt-N-Pepa album is a track that would've been a good follow up to Kirk Franklin's gospel hip hop song 'Stomp'...Entitled 'Hold On' it's pretty cool....In fact the whole SNP album although very poppy is pretty nice...

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