when i die not a scream but a whimper, no bullet not a fire sumthang far much simpler, no cryin jus a solemn prayer, as i face death with a cold heart a a expresionless stare, laughing as my body shakes an drops, not a pop, a broken heart an a faded will is this black man's fatal "shot", i have done 2 much dirt 2 try an turn back, forgivness as i pray please lord give me that, my mind races in thses final moments, a childhood of memories not a gun loaded, carefree an happy was this soul, now condemed 2 eternal pain an a heart black as coal, shoulda jus ended this all with 1 cap in tha dome, but punked out shit, i couldn't take my own, confusion an anger a soul fulla stress, no pulse but still alive when i finally take my rest, can't relieve this pain my god will it end?, my sins i pray make peace an try 2 ammend, but 2 late all alone no family not a friend, every1 has moved away but i stand here stuck, tried 2 stay positive but a brotha is havin no luck, i have no life 2 live 4, dream of rich an fame but i feel though i will finally die poor, reached this boilig point im jus about 2 blow, been told 2 keep my faith but i have got no more, screaming "fuck tha world" as i git set 2 detonate, 2 burn in eternal fire seems 2 be this blackman's only fate, watch as emotion flows thru my blood, felt my mental pain cause i received very little luv, have felt different since the day that i was born, mind full of hate because this heart be torn, lord please remove all my pain and sin, knock on heaven's gate on my knee's please lord let me in. krip2nite

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