Thanks for your words re Biggie. Having been the main attorney putting together Life After Death, I had the opportunity to form very close bonds with the people at Bad Boy and Biggie's whole team (mgmt, Jr Mafia, Undeas). What hurt most about Big's death was knowing how close and familial he was with everyone in his camp and the label. Biggie could have been egotistical or stand-offish if he wanted to but he treated everyone with respect and people loved him for that. The staff at bad Boy would have done anything for him. He was a great rapper--he could've been one of the few to go the whole 8 LP stretch. It's a shame-he is missed.

Todd Rubenstein

Peace Davey,

I have to agree that it's a shame that someone as talented as both Biggie and Tupac had to die. Yes not much has changed since their death. I don't know if folks are still numb and searching or have moved on without retrospect. Although I have hope for hip hop. It's a culture and just like all cultures that change from generation to generation and some traditions die while others are embraced I hope the same will happen now.

Traditions I hope will die is the need for everyone to be REAL instead I would just like everyone to express what's within them and be creative. I also hope that we will have some strong female MC's showcase their skills with not as much emphasis on their looks. One has nothing to do with the other. As someone who respects lyrics the rhyme from the mind means more. I also hope that our culture continues to re-evlauate itself. Look for new sounds and beats.

Also if possible cut down (a little) on some of the sampling and have more original tracks (controlled compostions) so that we are leaving a legacy of music for the history books and also for our kids to re-issue and get paid. Lastly I hope that we can start to explore other ethnicities that are embracing the hip hop culture and give them an opportunity to shine. We need to open the doors and let anyone who loves hip hop in instead of judging a book by it's cover. As black folks haven't we had enough of that????

In closing I remember the exact moment I got the news of Biggies death. We were all in the car going out to eat. The news was broadcasted on the radio and no one said anything. Then we all cried like as if it were a family member. In a sense to me he was... He was a member of my hip hop family ... an example that you can be anything you put your mind too... you can overcome anything ... and that it's not where you're from but where you're at. I think what hit me the hardest is that finally he had come to be where and what he wanted and was getting ready to tell the world what it meant, how it felt and what was next and lastly to be an example of what a positive decision of your life can do for you and he got shot down....

In closing I would like to see someone pick up from there and direct alot of hip hop heads to what's next and not NOW. We keep on living for the moment we won't have a future because we never had a vision of it.


I like your 2Pac and Biggie pages and I got a lot of information from them. I don't think the Bi-coastal war thing was the reason for neither Biggie or Tupac's murders. There are a lot of people on the wrong side of the law in the music business. Both artists were surrounded by drugs, and gangs in their record labels. I think their deaths prove that there is a lot of criminal activity in the hip-hop industry today.

People think Biggie's death was related to the bi-coastal war because he was murdered on the west coast, but after the police have talked to 100 witnesses and all they have is a sketch I think its fair to say that his hit was carried out by professionals who probably were paid by someone in organized crime. Sometimes I think the music industry is worse than the streets because of all the dirty people in it.

I don't think the east/west coast beef was bad for hip-hop, I think beef improves hip-hop, but I think rappers should settle there beefs like they used to by battling on the mic. That's the way beef should be handled because it shows the fans that it is only music, two m.c.'s can get on stage and dis each other and not go home with the people seperated because of where they live. I would have loved to see Biggie and Tupac battle on the mic but that never happened because people have forgotten how beef is supposed to be settled in hip-hop. I think that is the only way hip-hop can be fun again.

Larry Hodges

Hi, Iam a big Bad Boy, Biggie and Puffy fan and I will like to say that it big loss to the Hip Hop community and all his fans. I feel that I knew Biggie threw all his songs. He will tell story's of his life in his songs. His a true MC and the best that ever touched a mic. He was the King of rap and the leader of the New School of Rap. Me being from New York loved the way he put New York Rap back on the map. He kepted it real. Represented BK to the fullest and that's why I' ll always Big Poppa!!

Taly From Da

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