PUFFY: ill like to say you and notrious big are the greatest rappers in hip,hop that ever had this earth. my best song is ill be missing you ,but i like to never record that song. becouse i love biggie so much. im from colombia but i like to come with all the family to play here in colombia likes thtat song a lot. i want that t shirt you and the family put in the mtv video music awards. PLEASE E-MAIL ME:ESTEBAN@AVANTV.COM

Great Page!! Biggie is definetely the greatest!! He'll be greatly missed and thanks to people like you he wil live on forever!Keep up the good work!!Also,I REALLY REALLY REALLY love Puffy!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe you should do a page on his great contributions to the world!!!!!!!

Peace.R.I.P. Biggie

Saturday, December 13, 1997

I just finished watching B.I.G.'s new video "Sky's the Limit". Although I knew his death effected me, I hadn't quite realized how much until now. Every song I listen to, every hit I think of in my mind, I just realize further how senseless that someone like B.I.G. had to pass. He was a true genius, just recently recognizing the true path he was to follow. I listen to "Ready to Die" and the "Life after Death" and I realize he was beginning to figure out what it was to be a true man; not just talking about hustlin' and robbin' but important things about raising your daughter and son.

I'm not the type to get emotional, especially about someone I never knew, but I feel saddened every time I listen to his work. The rap community will never see another Biggie-- but at the same time, I don't think we ever truly saw all of him.

So this is to let you all know that people everywhere have felt his passing.. from his 'borough of St. James in New York, all the way to Ottawa, Ontario... both black and white fans morn the loss of one of rap's greatest.

Rest in Peace, Christopher.

Brett Bell

To whom it may concern,

Biggie's death hurt me deeply. He was an idol to me and he still is, I hope that his daughter and his mother are being taken care of. I also think Puffy is doing a great job in helping America to not forget about or special friend. I love all of Biggie's music, I love his videos and I think he was and still is the greatest rapper that ever lived. I send my prayers to his family and Puffy my they never forget that spectacular man. May they all have a Merry Christmas!


dear kingdave. my heart was broken wen i heart that the notorious b.i.g. was dead. i loved him so mutch don't you? well that was my story.




well im pretty sad about the death of B.I.G. and i don't think he is dead though and i hope he is in good shape alive or dead.he was my favorite rapper.And i hope he is not in trouble with the law if he his alive.


I ,personally, loved BIG. I have every one of his albums and listen to them constantly. I don't understand this east-coast west-coast war stuff either. It's so stupid and unrealistic. If you want to rap, than rap - don't take somebody elses life because you think your better. I miss BIG and am very unhappy that I didn't get to go to any of his concerts before he was gone.

Erik Bezema

I believe that the death of Biggie was a wake up call for all rap artists, telling them that they need to stop hatred between each other. When I heard the news, at first, I didn't believe anyone. Then, I saw it on MTV News. I was choked, I couldn't say anything. I was really suprised, because there has been two major deaths in the rap game and it was also the same way. After the two greatest rap artists have gone, other artists began to wake up. They needed to. This has to stop.


he was the man!!! i miss him a lot and i didnt even know the cat. they should make his greatest hits on cd. the whole bad boy is the shit and they are goona represent in 98. cant nobody fuck with them. keep it up puffy you the man. and mase stop taking all my girlz.

one love,

whoever this is,

hi!s'up? mynames jess and im a very big fan of biggie and tha whole bad boy fam(especially puff) and i know you dont have alot of time so i wont take long.
first of all i gotta give big props fa what puff's doin in tha music biz fa himself. and i luv how he's still makin videos and stuff like dat fa b.i.g even though he's gone ! so keep up da good work and hopefully yo good luck wont end but all da bad will!peace!

luv always and 4eva
Jessica Levesque

Puffy or who ever i am writing this to,

I am only 13 and i live in Mt.Clemens, Michagn and we have gangs up here like bloods and crips. People be going around school throw it a bunch of gang signs.
And i think that you are right about we need to bring peace back to hip hop music. When i heard of 2pac's death i was sad because he was a great rapper and the same with when i heard of B.I.G.'s death i was sad because they were my favorite rappers. I think that it is dumb that people be goin around yellin westside and eastside and that is some shit they dont own. Please excuse my language in here but i am expressing my self. They dont even own it, nigga you are renting.i got the life after death cd and i cant listen to number one on the first disk because when i here the sirens and stuff it makes me sad that and ive been in a car accident so my parents have told me what it is like to see some on the emergency bed. B.I.G and 2pac were great men and rappers and i just hope we dont have any more deaths caused by the dumbest reasons like the two deaths we have had the last two years. Well got to go,bye.

You r fan,
P.S. e-mail me back please at CRITTDOG65@aol.com

This east coast/west coast shit is gettin out a hand, you know what i'm sayin. Big Poppa was a special man, just some people out there get too caried away with this shit, you know what i'm sayin. I think that everyone should just get along, hell with the east/west shit.


I think that there should not be a war against west coast and east coast because there is no reason to be fighting over something stupid like that.And i feel bad that he died because he seemed like a great person and i think that making a charity thinky is a good idea.


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