My Luv For A G dickies hanging low below your waist snake skin belt, scowl on your face phat gold on your fingers, your neck, your wrists pager going off giving you fits making to much scril for a man of seventeen no job just kickin ass on the football team your game was real, no bitches and no hoes and such just yes baby, okay mama (ooh I love that shit so much) tell me your dreams of daytons and switches of big houses, big weed and big ballin riches my name tatted on your forearm, forever my man something my mother could never understand your smile like sunrays, got dimples for days a thug to your heart but love in your ways caressing and holding, making love in the park smoking blunts, watching sunsets until it's dark my belly growing, from out love comes a seed not just two but three mouths to feed a responsible daddy you promised you'd be no more slangin and runnin just stay here with me a son we have, splitting image of you a big head, big hands and yes dimples too a man you've become a woman you've made me the possilbilties are endless of what our boy could be in your eyes i see our future, all the things you'll do for going from a g to a man, i'll always love you A2T Shaw

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