Mud People

You call us mud people because we're
Black, Brown, yellow, and Red.
For that reason hundreds of years my people have suffered and bled.
You have stolen, pillaged, and raped
You shot me every time I tried to escape
You gave me my freedom one hundred years too late
You stole my land, you just took it away
I'm considered an illegal alien to this very date
But wait!!!
How can I be an alien in my very own land
You must be a magician, you pulled the quickest slight of hand
Murdering, raping and stealing to satisfy your lust
Now, I invite you to look back on your deeds and tell me, were they
just? You are the master race
I can see your hate imprinted in your face
If you are closest to God, you must be his biggest disgrace
Don't you get it by now?, we all live in this place
But you choose to seperate yourselves from the human race You put yourselves above us, claiming to be well read
Yet our children you do not want to educate
Why do you hate us?


written by Juan Maldonado

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