Militant..... Is what you call me Open your mind And you too shall see That the world we live in Is full of prejudice and bigotry The rage inside of me Is fueled purely by the rage In those that hold me down To me it's plainly clear It's not LOVE Making the world go round It's money and power Fear and Greed The world still discriminates based on your sex, race and creed Look around and tell me that those of high positions aren't still white and male And if you do I then too Can tell you a fairy tale. It makes me angry To look around and see That here I'm the only one of me Coincidental... That's your response And that you've seen Another of me...Once. Then you call me Militant When I say “It's just not right”. That for simple things others freely get I must struggle for and fight. I ask of you, the reader, this When looking at the world Open your mind and see What you see Is not coincidence It's prejudice and bigotry. And then... If you feel that Militant I still am Then Militant I will become.. and I won't give a damn. Sarahy

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