When you look into a mirror,are you happy with your reflection? Or do you feel that your appearance needs some correction? If yes, this could be an indication of self rejection Does the clay say to its potter,"Why have you made me this way?" See, when you can fully accept yourself as who you are, as well as accepting your deformities, defects and scars you'll see that these are His marks of ownership,He purposely created you unique, different A sign of ownership is the Greek meaning for "mark" A reminder from Him so you don't forget whose you are I look at our bodies like a picture frame, each frame comes in a different size, color, and shape..No two are the same Our frame surrounds a masterpiece, a good work in us He begins So why do we focus so much on our appearance,when we should center our attention to what's within? It's funny how we can walk around with self esteem low not even realizing that we have more value than silver and gold Let me ask you, do you really know your worth? If you do than why do you settle for second best? Or walk around revealing flesh telling all by your style of dress? The key is to remain a mystery, save your secrets for your husband to be My sisters, if you are confident and happy with what you have, there would be no need for envy or jealousy, because soon you become unaware of the glare in your stare when compare your God given gifts to theirs It is written, to compare ourselves with themselves isn't wise, so don't despise another ones prize, their size, or when it's their time to rise,see yourself as God sees you through His eyes, then you will see yourself beautiful like a buttefly, Remember you are a beautiful work of art, you are the manifestation of the divine artist's heart.

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