Make Me A Queen
Greeting...brothers and sister..... Make me Into A Queen His magnificent works captured me like Fra' Pandolf His voice like doves that scrape the horizon His knowledge deep as the aybss My mouth watering for your touch Just a graze across my lips Honey, peppermint hidden sweetness Undresss my mind with your words Entice me with romanticism of your words Enhance my beauty and craft me with your hands Darken my skin with your su shines Make Me Into A Queen Give me jewels from Egypt Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds made by you Call on my greatest ancestors: Neffertiti, IsIs, Harriet, Sourjourner, Betty Shabazz, Cleopatra, Nikki Giovanni, Beah Richards, PJ Gibson, and Roberta Teemer All the beautiful Queens you've given the world a chance to know or see With eyes of brown, hazel, black or green Skin Almond, Black, Brown and tan Features passed down through my Ye-Yo created by God Make Me Into A Queen Natural, myself, a Queen is what I strive to be. By: Monica S. Jones

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