A Kiss In The Rain
Kiss me again...in the rain...for the very first time Let my hands fall into a motion going up and down you spine Raindrops pierce our lips so we can find true love again Love- the definition of a feeling of intimacy, a fonding, an affection Let our lips intertwine and explore until we find The place where our love explodes Where this indiscribable feeling comes and never goes Where all of you is given.....nothing held back The place where lovers go to keep their love intact Your hands will have no guide or sense of direction Everything is just right with sweet perfection Everyone and everything is oblivious to us Two souls in a world with nothing to discuss Lips making the communication with all words absent Speaking in tongues and riddles with complete passion Kiss me yes, again, never mind those eyes glaring No masks needed to shade the feeling we're sharing Just let all your desires and feelings inject into me Electricute me with all your vibrations of ecstacy Your love so convincing...so caring...and kind A dream this couldn't be as real as you feel inside so just to be sure your love's genuine, majestic, sublime........ KISS ME AGAIN, IN THE RAIN for the VERY FIRST TIME By: Nisah....the virgin poet dedicated To Van

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