There's so much Hip - Hop and not enough time; So much break dancing and illegal art crimes; Its not a secret society made up of just a few; It's widespread and boils down to everything we do; The culture itself is entirely diverse; Its effect is felt from New York to the other end of the earth; In Japan, you'll find the hip - hopheads with the dreads; But here in Hawaii, Hip - hoppers are more focused on their threads; If you're feeling real, then Rhymes Equal Actual Life; Which everyday, to me, I wake up with like a wife; As another day goes by another horizon expands; Take the time to try, with a pen and paper in hand. Graffiti, or writing is visual expression; Found in bathrooms, bus stops, and even gas stations; Night crawlers find their way to a local wall; Or even a freeway sign, where they'll risk it all; To a writer, the motto is no "No guts, No glory"; Whether it is just a name or a mural to tell a story; It's a way to strike, to get a point across; Or if a close friend dies, it's a way to grieve the loss; If it were up to me, I would just let it be; But if it were up to you, would you try to understand what you see? Lyrics and poems express feelings verbally; Get out your say that you're holding internally; If from the heart, you're words will be true; There should be no reason for the audience to "boo"; If they understand what you were experiencing Then at the time of recital, they could feel you joy or pain; If you've ever heard speeches from KRS ONE; You will see that he doesn't mess around when he gets down; Rocking the Mic or creating funky beats; Is what its about, that's the word on the streets; Taking it back to the old school you'll see; No one was better at moving parties, than Run DMC; But if you're new to the hip - hop scene; You'll see that it's now dominated by Wu - Tang and Puff Daddy; Everyone's forgetting the roots of it all; And now gangster rap has started its downfall; To hip - hop or not, now that's my question to you; As it gets out of hand, the World turns into a zoo; But if it's kept real, unexposed to corruptivity; There will be love, peace, and nappiness, for you and ME J

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