hot than a mofucker
July 28 1997
by la guarani

It was so hot cigarette smoke was curlin back into lungs exhalation became impossible It was so hot the merengue slippin out the windows condensed and covered the buildings with a slightly dirty candy coating and cause of this heat a mirage rose up in the spray of a fire hydrant cascadin across streets redecorated with a pallette of gum and cigarette ashes.. Forming in droplets were pictures of left-behind islands where there was electricity only on Wednesdays and the sea could eat up pain to make you smooth again But at 5:30 the hydrant got shut off by a PROPER AUTHORITY and we remembered that we were just in Washington Heights presiding over a gray and dusty city from our curbside thrones subsisting on the stickiness in popsicles and melting ice with our tongues. by la guarani

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