God speaks to me with his mind sometimes and spreads cool rhythms about my temples that blows my mind like a cool breeze on the first day of spring... it's like jazz...it can surpass the typical and make all to me and in me make sense powerful approaches, yet strange like aneurysms as He feels my ism and feeds my ego and away we go...off to the land of Horace Silver's lonely woman but before i can ask Que Pasa mi chica, i'm hearin' Yama... where is that place He takes me, the only place where i can break free in a sky where i'm kind of blue, tryin' to become one of the chosen few, right? black angels float above my mind playin' incraments of a sad song i've never heard and it goes on and on without rewind, and i'm seein' visions in my mind that have no meaning, so what is mine? hello God...what does it take for sable angels like me to see God? for all that i'm worth on a day like today, let me know when we can play in the sunrays that burn our skin like an inferno...should i except them in my soul to warm me, or will below spirits of gules reach out too far to harm me? God, at this time speak to me with your mind...please, cuz while i die i'd rather see you one last time if you can allow us to dance in a white silhouette of a moon shine generally we come as two souls and leave as one cuz while it was hard to believe God you helped me to see God through God and before i pass on i need God to help me free my mind from the cling-ons.... so can you dance with me, maybe if you love me and can hear me, you can touch me...in my mind God, what do you know about jazz man, cuz when i said hello God i saw God with a trumpet in his hand and He welcomed me in like an old friend, while i imagined my worst sin but now i think again... my god...i saw God through God by MEQQAH da Prahfatess

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