The Life Of A Prisoner Whispers, then screams, just echos off the buildings, Scared children unprotected by the night. Gun shots ring out in horror, as another child goes down. A mother cries as her babies lifeless body lies limp,blood soaked and deceaced, with eyes rolling back in his head. Sirens, Lights, speading cars screeching around every corner, as another child goes down. Who knew it was going to end like this? Another bullet, another child, another death, and another light goes off in the ghetto. The ghetto- a place the unwealthy call home. Where the screams of horror are clear through the night, and bullets ring out in silver terror. Another bullet, another child, another death, and another light goes off in the ghetto. One black child, skipping rope, didn't have time to move, A two door car came around the corner, Now she's gone. My child has left, yet I'm still here. Waiting, just, waiting. For some day those immortals will come and i will be waiting. A thousand day's? A hundred weeks? A million bullets? One too many children!! How much more? How much longer? How many lives have to be at stake for one blood thirsty gang?? Pretty soon they'll all be gone, Our children, Our creations. Pretty soon the sun won't shine, and all the lights-except one, will go off in the ghetto. I sit watching, waiting, for I am wise of my words. Never being able to leave this place, People so worried about my race. Slowly I wait as the hours go by, another child, another cry. Noone knows the trouble within, Another child, Another kin. Another death totally mistaken, a womans' womb destroyed. A troubled mind, how sick of them!! Another bullet, Another child, Another death, And another light goes off in the ghetto. And the city is black. Not a wink, Not a peep, For once in silence the slums will sleep. Not one more bullet, No more children, Not another death, And all the lights are off in the ghetto.
BY: MELISSA For my boy, i miss you

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