Now do the knowledge to this prince without a princess
in righteousness remain relentless
who was born into this world to lead his people to repentance.
2000 years later the same spirit dwells in those
who walk accordingly
and you can check us because it shows.
In the flows that we put forth
far north like stars
breaking bottles over devils heads leaving long scars.
Outside of bars, using mathematics as get away cars
perfecting our physche
while scientist fight about life on mars.
And they can't even perfect their life on this planet
knowledge never slanted
surrounded by layers of granite.
And jade stones lyrics get listened through head phones
we move on the uncivilized
doing raids with microphones.
Civilizing them, leaving 85ers
to repent
cus this be the job of the true 5 percent.
Excellent energy being selected
to get you higher
like black messiahs being resurrected.
Showing you strength to go the length
in true righteousness
sisters be staring wearing DONNA KAREN
and getting dissed.
Cus we not trying to see the conscience-less
petty name brand chasers trying to test
but they can never impress.
Because true beauty is a sister reflecting her SUN
a divine relationship
a material minded thinker can't find one.


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