Fuck you whitey you lowlife cheat
Fuck you whitey walking proud and loud in your punk ass sheets
Fuck you whitey or should I say beast
If you so damn tough bring your ass to my street

Fuck you whitey, so called king of the land
Fuck you whitey you aint shit, I'm the mothafucking man.
Fuck whitey punk ass, he aint worth a mothafuckin dollah
Lets string him up to a tree, burn his church and watch his bitch ass

Fuck whitey and his friends, they can't touch me
Fuck those FBI agents, the DEA and the OPD
Fuck whitey punk fagget ass, fuck em to the end
Fuck whitey with no mercy, for fuckin me and my friends

Fuck whitey, he fucks us each day
Fuckin us out of jobs and homes even fuckin us out of pay
Fuck whietey; for his time is growing near
Fuck whitey;  for him I will never fear

Fuck you whitey you can't hold me down 
Fuck whitey hoe ass,  he'll never take my crown
Fuck you whitey,  for your fate I have already  seen
Fuck you whitey,  you dead!  I'm the MOTHAFUCKIN KING!


some shit
from dat nigga MC

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