How do they expect me to smile When Tears are behind my eyes... Yet, they don't fall- Maybe I've shed too many, Maybe they only exsist in my mind. And the emotions I feel Are just another sick twisted dellousion In this ongoing trip. Stuck on this addiction, This drug, I know as life. Life...and it's killing me. Death...I await it, I welcome it, I summon it. But it never takes me It never answers me It never releases me, Never sets me free. It just stands there, Taunting me, Laughing at me, Breathing down my neck. Never touching me With it's caressing hands... Still, it sends chills Running down my spine. It leaves it's rank breath Upon my naked body. Naked, Cold, Alone. Waiting, Wanting, Needing... But I am still here- Still alive Slowly dying inside.

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