The Domino Theory
(Or Snoop Dogg Rules The World)
it is so clear now it was right in front of our ears for all this time & only now do we see gangsta rap gangsta rap did gangsta rap did it snoop dogg started the transatlantic slave trade doc dre was captain of a slave ship & eazy motherfuckin e lead the south to succeed it is all so clear let the pundits come forth let the congressional hearings begin we have found the enemy & they are dressed in chinos & plaid shirts & county blues gangsta rap did it tupac was responsible for jim crow it was ice cube not gov. Wallace that tried to deny us equal rights it was some forty oz drinking jehri curl wearing indo smoking low riding conspirators that pulled off watergate will someone call NOW gansta rappers, screaming bitch, ho, skeeze, defeated the equal rights amendments will someone call c delores tucker tell her we have found the enemy recording on death row records backed by a funky ass george clinton groove it wasn't capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia hell naw it was ice-t & ice cube & just ice & all them refrigerated gangsta niggas that screwed up america the goodie mob imported all the cocaine to america, elect ollie north! it was spice 1 & the south central cartel that traded guns for drugs in nicaragua before he died eazy e bashed in nancy karrigans knee killed nicole simpson & ronald goldman & caused the peso to plummet let the pundits come forth call jesse jackson gangsta rappers are threatening affirmative action call dick gregory gangsta rap causes obesity & malnutrition call ralph nader gangsta rappers invented the corvair, the chevette, & the pinto it wasn't hatred, greed or corporate america it was niggas from compton, long beach, & the south bronx it is so clear now call louis farrakhan gangsta rappers are the devil not the white folk call the pope gangsta rappers are the anti-christ leading us all along the funky road to hell let the pundits come forth gangsta rappers killed martin, malcolm, & both kennedy's they imprisoned mumia, geronimo, & peltier they started the riots, caused the delay in the congressional budget made hillary lie, spread the ebola virus, elected the republicans, caused the challenger explosion & are responsible for you high electric bill we were once blind, but it is so clear now ain't it good to now now we can rest peacefully as soon as we rid ourselves of them o.g.s ain't it good to know let the pundits come forth, the cameras are rolling.

written by

[This poem was donated from D Knowledge's book
'Catch the Fire:
A Cross-Generational Anthology of
African American Poetry

(Riverhead Books)
D Knowledge has appeared in the movie Higher Learning and Panther.. He also has an album out on Qwest Records which is Quincy Jone's label

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