December 2000 ALBUM RELEASES


Space Age 4 EvaJcor7.0
This album is cool.. It doesn't reflect the best that this Houston duo has done.. There are some dope songs that really capture their essence like 'Jankie' and 'Thank God' .. These guys can flow on the mic really well.. and it took a while before you really saw the chemistry come together.. The beats althoufgh ok and provided by cats like DJ Quik, Swiss Beats and Jazzy Pha could've been better on some songs..

Bottom Line: 8 Ball and MJG fans will dig this but know they didn't quite hit the mark they way they should've
Soul Assassins IIRuffnation7.5
This is a solid album from long time producer DJ Muggs.. There are some soft spots but for the most part Muggs brings some decidely underground-Wu style beats to the table. He gets some good performances from cats like Kurupt, Cypress Hill and GZA.. The album works although I will have to admit its not as good as his first outting...

Bottom Line: You need beats and want to get away from the bling bling thing, Muggs got a lil something for you.. Don't sleep..
This album would be a lot better if it had less tracks.. There are way to many filler tracks.. Its a good deburt lp which starts off slow and picks up toward the end..The other thing is that with so many guest appearnces from Snoop, Kokane and others you actually forget that this is a Doggy Angel album.. At times I feel these women are relegated to being background singers or females who happen to make guest appearnces on a Snoop album..

Bottomline: Cool Beats and so-so raps push this albm, but unfortunately not to its full potential...
6:13 Ashy To ClassyMCA7.0
There's been a lot of hype behind these cats.. They sort of sound like a cross between Goodie Mobb and Master P..I'm not sure if I'm feeling all the cuts on this project.. Nothing really stands out as groundbreaking both in terms of lyrics and beats. Southern style rap fans may feel these cats.. But for the rest of us, they are just another small addition to an already over crowded field..

Bottom Line: If you already have Goodie Mobb, Outkast and Cash Money U may have to think long and hard about picking up this album..
Masters of IllusionThreshold8.5
This is a refreshing album that brings to life raw beats and serious underground flava from two of Hip Hop's dopest emcees. The legendary Kool Keith teams up with the Bay Area's Motion Man who together demonstrate just how good Hip Hop can be. Their verbal dextrosity and interactive word play is incredible and sets new standards. Tracks like 'U want Freestyle', 'Magnum Be I' and 'Souped Up' best illustrate that point. Veteran DJ and producer Kutmasta Kurt brings some nice beats , many of which have either a James Brown like flava or a Wu-Tang Like feel.. This is definitely a great gift for the holidays...Other stand out tracks include 'The Bay-Bronx Bridge', 'We All Over' and 'Partnas Confused'..

Bottom Line: Ya wanna know how good Hip Hop should sound? Then get this album...
The UnderstandingRoc-A-fella7.5
This is a solid album from one of Hip Hop's most underrated emcees, Memphis Bleek. The man has nice flows and tight beats.., There are hardly any throw away or filler songs on here. The only problem is that his subject matter tends to stay in the same vain.. so its either you're in the mood for Memphis or your not.. Stand out songs include "PYT' which is way different than the song Michael jackson did back in the day that has the same title.. 'My Mind Right' is a sizzling song that brings together the Roc-A-Fella family. here all three hand deliver solid blows to the head as there's no denying they are truly at the top of the heap right about now.. 'Hustlers' is a cool song.. But my favorite is 'In My Life' where Memphis really opens up and shows a reflective side to his persona. I wish he had done more songs like..

Bottomline:In any case this will make a great Christmas gift.. no doubt.. this...
Tha Last MealNo Limit7.5
This is not a bad album for Snoop. It's marked by the abundance of George Clinton style p-funk interpolations. The beats resonate with the funk and the hooks that are sung over his rAps hark back to the glory days of the funk.. Its a solid album, but by no means on the same level as his landmark debut joint. Interestingly enough Snoop does a lot of songs with other artists, most notably Kokane who appears on damn near half the album. While they don't necessarily take away from the album, you find yourself not really knowing who Snoop is as an artist these days.. I was hoping he would go deeper with his lyrics but he pretty much stays close to the surface and at times comes acrosss as a mere participant on his own album.. A glaring example of that is on the Southern style song 'Back Up Off Me featuring Master P and Mr Magic.. At one point I thought I was listening to a Master P album. Another example is on the slamming hard hitting song 'Lay Low' which features Nate Dogg, and the Eastsidaz.. Overall its a good album. Its definitely better then his previous No Limit realeases..

Bottomline: Snoop Is Back with xa bite.. but it won't hurt you too bad!

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