Davey D's
Friday Night Vibe Top 30
December 1- December 10 1997 1997

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2RAKIMNew York86Universal
3LL COOL J w/ LeShaunNobody Can Freak110Def Jam
4THE FIRMPhone Tap88Aftermath
5WHORIDASWest Bound Campaign83Noo-Trybe
6WCJust Clowning95Payday
9ANT BANKS w/ WCHard Knox93Priority
10SALT-N-PEPABrand New90Red Ant

11DIAMOND w/ BustaThis One90Mercury
12SAUCE MONEYAgainst The Grain86Roc-A-Fella
13PUFF DADDYBig Ole Butt96Priority
14LUNIZPhillies85Noo Trybe
15MASTER PGhetto D98No Limit
16COMMON w/ Q-TipStolen Moments 3--Relativity
172PACI Wonder If Heaven..--Jive
18GANG STARRYou Know My Steez89Noo Trybe
19RAPPIN' 4TAYMoney Makes The Man95Noo-Trybe
20AMGPimp's Anthem113Select

21BUJU BANTONDeportees96Unda
23QUEEN PENAll My Love102Interscope
24NOTORIOUS BIGKick In The Doors92Bad Boy
25LUKEOh Sheila [Frank Delour remix]108Luke
27DIAMONDAin't No Limit83Jive
28ICE CUBELegal Paper85Street Life
29BUTTASOFTPull Up At The Party102Select
30MACK 10Dopeman91Priority

AddFAT JOEFind Out88Relativity
AddMILITIABurn96Red Ant
AddMIA XSoldier Funk93Tommy Boy
AddSPICE 1 w/ Mack 10Fetty Chico & The Mack--Jive

MUSIC NOTES: This week the key word is album cuts.. There is so much good material on the new lps that have dropped... Lets try not to get caught up in the industry game, where folks are all of a sudden following the commercial game plan of record labels... while overlooking some dope tracks.. Now that the entire album In The Beginning There Was Rap has dropped.. folks may wanna check for Mack 10's cut 'Dopeman'.. It's a remake of the old NWA classic of the same name. He did it pretty cool.. Also on point is the Dogg Pound's remake of the EPMD classic Knick Knack Patty Wack... Them kids got busy..

Spice 1, Christion and The Whoridas have definitely represented the Bay Area with their respective lps.. Spice has a slew of songs to chose from.. I'm feeling the piano ladden joint he did with Mack 10 entitled 'Fetty Chico and The Mack' It's pretty saucy.. It's funny cause a lot of folks are always dissin' Mack 10 by saying he can't rap.. But he always seems to be able to deliver when he teams up with folks..Another cut that bangs is '2 Hands & A Razorblade' which deals with prison life.. It's dope.. Paris the Black Panther Of Hip Hop produced it.. On the Whoridas album please check for West Bound Campaign and True Playas.. Their current single Keep It Going is also tight..

Although Christion is a singing group, they have hip hop roots.. Bay Area natives remeber them when they rapped under the name The Wild Boyz.. Anyway their lp Ghetto Cyrano is off the hook.. They have a 'Street' side to the album which has a whole lot of hip hop feel to it.. Check for the first cut entitled The Ghetto.. trust me you won't be disappointed.. Also check for another cut called 'Where I'm From'. This jam also hits..

Common also has a gang load of records to check for on his latest lp.. I'm definitely feeling the track he did with Q-Tip.. I like his current single.. Retrospective which he flipped with Lauryn Hill..But he should've had the track with Q-Tip as a b-side..

Regarding some of the new releases that have dropped..Master P has a new one called 'Make 'Em Say Ugh'.. The ugh is of course his now famous trademark cow type moan.. Funny when he lived here in the Bay he didn't have no trademark noise.. It's sounds funny..but it works.. As for his new song.. I'm not feeling it.. But don't take my word.. Master P has a way of rising to the top with product you're not initially checking for..

Here in the Bay.. folks are starting to check for Big Punisher 'I'm Not A Playa'.. At first they wasn't but now if you show up to a party without that record.. you'll be run outta town...Diamond's new joint with Busta Rhymes is definitely phat.. It has a nice NY underground type feel.. Busta flips the chorus.. Definitely check for that.. One record that left me scratching my head was the new one from DJ Polo.. formerly linked to Kool G Rap... As Busta would say.. 'What's The dealio?..This is a sad joint entitled 'Playaz Lounge'.. He had some kid from Detroit flowing.. I wasn't getting with this jam.. Perhaps its a different DJ Polo.. Although I doubt it..

Until next week
Peace out
Davey D

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