Confusing Life
Life is more confusing everyday. Even the smallest word is hard to say. Someone id dying from a sexual disease, infecting their partner, too eager to please. A boy wears a shirt, and from it's color he is shot, One's life taken over some clothing they bought. A thirteen year old baby has a kid, now what has happened she wished that it never did. We can't close our eyes and leave it in the past, Because life is so precious and goes by so fast. Her father was white, her mommy was black, She was made chocolate milk & shot in the back. "Whitey" says "Nigger" And "Nigger" a "Chink", You can't close your eyes and make your problems extinct. There is so much hate in the world today, and all the babies wonder why their daddies don't stay. His daddy left when he was five, he hasn't heard a word if he's still alive.

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