Cannibus Cloud Inhalation
Is there anything as serene as the steam of divine leaves. I visit the creator and deliver these Jewels. I mean, did Bob Marley luck strings, or did he take you to a demonic cognition. inhaling wisdom my cipher rises mystical. blowing fuses I probably won't use any way. To Bismallah is blaspheme, best Rastafari. Holy Smokes! as i religiously inflate stimulation facing the apollonian aspects supposedly or have I been crossed by that drunkard pedestrian. Anyhow I want to be In the mist of that funny wrapped cigarette. Your my "Brown Sugar" babes, naw your my cerebral tip-top modern drudge got everything pressurized. Homegrown like Folgers vapors take me for a ride, through Utopia In a Pink Cadillac probably get hassled by the fuzz cuz we in the secret vessel. Socially accepted but neglected and unlegit, so they got me locked away babes for a three months bit, but I'll be home soon our love's like Marvin and Tammy's and I'm the mountain. You can kill me again and again, well travel through time and see how it all begins and spark this on those antennas!
Terrence & Michelle

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