Call Me Ma


I am not a slut.
I am not a bitch.
I am not a whore or a trick.
I am not that chick
Taking dicks
In the mouth,
Or more pointedly, setting that mouth out,
For three carat stones.
I prefer to rock my kinky naps.
Elevate my mind
And spend my time
Learning about the women of antiquity.
Re-educating my mis-educated soul.
Grasping for wisdom of old.
Anxiously awaiting to hear a story untold.
One of prosperity
And integrity.
One my oppressor wouldn't dare share with me.
For if I learned it I would gain self-identity,
Which ironically,
Would ruin his agenda.
You see,
His destiny for me
Is self-annihalation,
Which he is unfortunately accomplishing through
This is why when you look at me
You see
A bitch,
Or a whore,
Or a trick.
But what I want you to realize
Is that those words could never characterize
The woman that I am.
I am your mother.
I am your sister.
I am your lover and wife.
I am your queen,
You are my king,
Together, we are producers of life.
So if you see me
Address me properly.
If you can't
Don't even acknowledge me.
For it is time
That I revolutionize
Your mind
Black man,
And help you to understand
Who I am.
They call me ma.
I am the mother of the earth.

written by AUSET

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