BUTT...Or The Gluteus Maximus Addictus Poem Alot of men Need to go to AA And not AA as in Alcoholics anonymous But AA as in Assoholics anonymous 'Cause a lot of men are straight Addicted to ass These are the men that No matter what Can't see pass a women's butt These are the men that will Hurt their loved ones--for ass Lose their jobs--for ass Go broke--for ass Drop out of school--for ass Dis' their friends--for ass And even wreck their cars While lookin' at ass (Damn "ass-drunk" drivers) These are the men that are so Addicted to ass That they'll always make BUTT statements Like The women's personality is wack BUTTTTTTTTT She's got much backs Or The women's breath is kinda hummin' BUTTTTTTTTT She's gotta a plump onion (Ta-dow) BUTT/BUTT/BUTT/BUTT These men are all about BUTT So much so that they forget about such things as Personality/compatibility/spirituality/and metaphysicality 'Cause they're straight assoholics Only lookin' for ass And more ass And much more ass And Like I said They need to take their butts to Assoholics anonymous And cure their dumb asses BUT?????????????

written by

[This poem was donated from D Knowledge's book
'Catch the Fire:
A Cross-Generational Anthology of
African American Poetry

(Riverhead Books)
D Knowledge has appeared in the movie Higher Learning and Panther.. He also has an album out on Qwest Records which is Quincy Jone's label

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