Blood and Tears His mouth says that he loves you His hands say that he hates you What caused him to beat you this time Did you stay out too late with your girlfriends? Did he think that you were cheating? How many times does he have to hit you before you understand his true feelings for you Blood and tears is the only way that this love will end How many times does he have to say,"I'm sorry". How many times will you forgive him Why does he hit you so often and so hard? We protect the ones that we love If he loved you, he would not treat you the way that he does Why do you have to prove your love with blood and tears? How many more ribs must he break? How many more stitches for your lips? How many more casts for your arms? How many more black eyes? How much more blood and tears to prove your love? Sunday I stopped by your grave I brought white roses they were always your favorite Now you can finally rest Blood and tears will no longer kiss your face G Harm 2-27-98 Georgia Southern University

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