Black Goddess I was the caterpillar that transformed into the cocoon From the state I became a Black Butterfly I was the web that spin years and captured flies and insects to eat I kill at will I am the Black Window I was the chaff's blowing in the African winds, heat waves shaded by mahogany deserted safari I was Black Panther number six witnessing seven die. I was Cleopatra in love with Anthony I was Nefferiti with beautiful jewels in my hair I was Rebecca that won the heart of Issac I was the Black Night shadowed by the ivory moon I was a million voices crying for freedom during slavery I was silence in the alley's when I witnessed my brother's death I was honor and glory when we marched proudly in the fight fo rcivil rights I was jazz in blues joints during Harlem Renaissance I was Hip-Hop spoken in microphones heard through deaf ears I was the Black goddess in beauty and fair I was Black Art painting my Black goddess holdIng up a Black Fist Praising freedom Black goddess By: Monica S Jones

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