What Is Hip Hop's Alltime
Best Song?

Results of Poll
Votes Taken Until 6-30-98

The Bridge Is Over
Is Hip Hop's Alltime Dopest Song

Honorable Mentions:
'Fight The Power' by Public Enemy,
'Dear Mama' by 2Pac,
'My Adidas' by 'Run DMC',
'Ain't No Half Steppin' by Big Daddy Kane,
'My Philosophy' by KRS-One

    Who Is Hip Hop's
    Alltime Best Song

    1-'The Bridge Is Over'
    by KRS-One
    =189 votes

    2-'Eric B For President'
    by Eric B & Rakim
    =163 votes

    3-'You Gots To Chill'
    by EPMD
    =132 votes

    4-'Rapper's Delight'
    by Sugar Hill Gang
    =115 votes

    by Wu-Tang Clan
    =92 votes

    6-'The Message'
    by GM Flash
    =84 votes

    7-'Nuthin' But A G Thang'
    by Dr Dre
    =42 votes

    8-'Protect Your Neck
    by Wu-Tang Clan
    =36 votes

    9-'Fuck Tha Police'
    by NWA
    =32 votes

    by Pete Rock &CL Smmoth
    =28 votes

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