For those who don't know, my girl Jennifer 'Jenn-Boogie' Norwood is the rap promoter for Big Beat Records.. That's the home of groups like The Artifacts, Nubian Crackers, Mad Skillz and others.
Each week many of us djs in the industry are treated to Jenn's newsletter which superbly reports on the progress of Big Beat's upcoming releases. Jenn manages to keep her newsletter interesting by providing us with her Weekly Hip Hop Top 5. She has agreed to supply those for Davey D's Hip Hop Corner.. Since this will be an on going feature, we will be soliciting for your Hip Hop Top Five...and it will be featured here and with a little bit of prodding, I'm sure I can convince her to feature you in her industry newsletter.
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Top Five Most Hip Hop Fast Food Chains
[submitted by Jenn Boogie]

5-RAEKWON'S Chinese-Italian Barbecue Wok
4-LUKE'S Breast N Thighs Palace..ask about our private rooms
3-BIGGIE SMALLZ' All U Can Eat [East Coast headz get a 50% discount].
2- BUSTA RHYMES' Sushi Joint (Everything We Make Is Raw)
1-ICE CUBE's Bean Pies N Pork To Go

Top Five Most Hip Hop Battles
I'd Love To One Day See Happen

[submitted by Davey D]


Top Five Most Hypocritical Rappers Of All Time
[submitted by Lady B]

5-DRE DRE ..
First he said he didn't smoke chronic when he was with NWA and then he released the album The Chronic

First he was with NWA.. then he gets kicked out and heads to New York.. He gets down with King Sun, Public Enemy and everyone else and now he's on the cover of The Source saying Westside Fo' Life!.. Cube is wack.

First he does that song about women keeping their heads up and then he turns around and rapes a woman...He also has the Ice Cube syndrome.. trying to be down with the East and now claiming the West.

What was up with that Nike commercial and using Gil Scott Heron's beat?

He talked all this shit on his album about being a hard rock and going up North. He said he's put anyone out who stepped to him...Then he gets smacked up by Redman and didn't do shit..

Top Five Wackest Rappers Of All Time
[submitted by Beat Surfer]


Top Five Ways To Raise Money Besides Taxes:
[submitted by Jenn Boogie]

5. A dollar to the Feds every time someone says "youknowwhumsayin?"
4. How about we just get back to nature and pay with pebbles and rocks
3. Throw a national 'Guess Coolio's Real Age' contest/ raffle
2. A dollar to the Feds every time someone says 'West side for life'
1. 'Welcome To The United States of America. Two Drink Minimum.'

Top Five Drawbacks Of Being A Psychic
[submitted by Jenn Boogie]

5. Jedi mind-tricks no longer-fashionable
4. LA smog muddles up brainwaves
3. record company execs gave you a hard time for not signing Vanilla Ice
2. that Warwick broad is giving you a bad name
1. always know the punchlines before the comedian tells them

Top Five Newly Added Grammy Categories
[submitted by Jenn Boogie]

5.Artist Most Likely To Rhyme About The West Over an East Coast Beat
4. Most Crossover Single From a Hardcore Artist
3. Best Megamix Put Together By Two Tapedecks
2. Song With The Most Remixes In Order To Get West-Coast Airplay
1. Wost-Dressed Couple At The Gavin Conference: Whoopi Goldberg and Rhettmatic

(beware of the fashion police, fellas!)

Top Five Tricks That Could Help You Win Next Year's DMC Competition
[submitted by Jenn Boogie]

5. Somehow making your records say "Top Five" on the turntables
4. Cooking a gourmet meal while spinning
3. At the end of your set, totally trash the stage while playing Led Zeppelin
2. Making a polka record sound like a hip-hop record
1. Playing any record on the Big Beat label. 'Nuff said.

Top Five Jan Boogie Hip Hop Moments From Last Week
[submitted by Jenn Boogie]

5-I took a picture with Ol Dirty Bastard, then spilled beer on his shirt.
4-Said 'Whassup Mace' to Trugoy thinking it was Maceo.
3-Was the police lookout for Jason Staten while he put up stickers in downtown Atlanta during the Gavin Convention.
2-Became an honorary member of The Click at the Jive Gavin Showcase.
1-Method Man told me that he's seen me somewhere before...I told him it must have been when he landed on me while stage diving at a show in LA

Top Five Reason's For Jan Boogie Wearing A Weave
[submitted by the group The RuffNex]

5-Her closeness to horses is more than what it seems
4-She keeps getting comments like 'wow! you really have some nice dreds!'
3-Likes to double as Tre from the Pharcyde to get in all the hip-hop events free
2-Someone told her a long time ago that Asian men like a woman with the synthetouch
1-Likes to be called the Human Black Barbie

Top Five All Time 'I'm A Captain..
Let Me Save 'Em Tho' Type Hip Hop Songs

[submitted by Jenn Boogie]

[submitted by Big Boy Tommy Jenkins]

5-FATHER MC...'I'll Do 4 U'
4-PHARCYDE..'She Keeps On Passing Me By'
3-METHOD MAN 'All I Need'
2-ERIC B & RAKIM... 'Mahagony'
1-LL COOL J .... 'Hey Lover'

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