What Is Hip Hop's Best Alltime Album

Results of Poll
Votes Taken Until 4-1-98

Enter The 36th Chamber
Is Hip Hop's Best
Alltime Album
    1-Wu-Tang Clan 'Enter The 36th Chamber'=281 votes
    2-Public Enemy 'It'll Take A Nation Of Millions...'=207 votes
    3-Eric B & Rakim 'Paid In Full'=201 votes
    4-Nas 'Illamatic'=196 votes
    5-Boogie Down Productions 'Criminal Minded'=193 votes
    6-Notorious BIG 'Ready To Die'=185 votes
    7-2Pac 'All Eyez On Me'=181 votes
    8-Notorious BIG 'Life After Death'=167 votes
    9-Dr Dre 'The Chronic'=161 votes
    10-Tribe Called Quest  'Low End Theory'=147 votes
    Honorable Mentions:
    Wu-Tang Clan 'Wu-Tang Forever',
    NWA 'Straight Outta Compton',
    Outkast 'ATLiens',
    Tribe Called Quest 'Midnight Mauraders',
    De La Soul '3 Feet High And Rising'

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