America, land of the free...
is this a joke? Do they think that we can't see?
Sure this is the land of opportunity,
that is, if you are not a minority.
They say, "Come to America
where the streets are made of gold!"
But when we com, "Go home beaners!" is what we're told.
But how can we? Isn't this our home?
That's right you stole it and claimed it for your own.
Now you want to cut back on our education
but silly me, did I forget to mention?...
My people don't give up quite so easily
you forget that Artigas blood beats within me.
Sepe, Quatemoc, and Zapata's are within me!
For I am Latino, can't you see?
Voy a pelear hasta que gane lo que es mio
Y perdoname Sam, pero tu no eres mi tio.

Juan Maldonado aka ILLSKILLZ
Just wanted to let everyone know that my poem is gonna be publishd in a
book called The Spirit of Song so if yall wanna check that out it should
be in stores early '98. peace

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