The Ultimate
Hip Hop Quiz #6

Each Question is worth 100 points...

    Each Question is worth 10 pts...

    1-Going way way back to the old school, who was known as 'The Master Of Records'?

    2-Grand Wizard Theodore was part of a group called The Fantastic Romantic Five MCs Name the 5 emcees... take 10 pts for each correct answer.....?

    3-Kool Moe Dee was part of a group called The Treacherous Three... Name the other two members of the Treacherous Three.....

    4-Run DMC did a live version of a song called 'Here We Go'.. The drum beat which was used was also used in other songs most natably Roxanne Roxanne.. What was the name of the song and artist of that original break beat..?

    5-What singing group did the Wu-Tang Clan do a song with...Note* they were featured as Wu-Tang Clan and not individual members...? 6-Speaking of Wu-Tang they hail from Shaolin... What is the real name of Shaolin and for an extra 20 pts.. what other famous group came from there...prior to Wu-Tang blowing up the spot...

    7-A while back Hank Shocklee and the rest of the PE camp attempted to introduce a rap group that stirred up a lot of controversy..The lead rapper was a kid name Kamron who sported dreads.. the other member was a guy named Skribble who now djs on Hot 97 in New York.. what was the name of that group?
    For an extra 10 pts.. why did they cause so much controversy?

    8-Stetsasonic had beef with another well known artist...They responded with a song called 'All That Jazz'.. Who was their beef with?

    9-One of the first message type rap songs came out of Los Angeles... It had a woman in the chorus singing.. 'I Can't Stand It'... Who was the rapper and what was the name of the song..?

    10-Master Don who passed away had a crew called The Master Don Committe.. within that crew they had a female rapper.. what was her name?

    Bonus Question worth 50 pts: Public Enemy on their 'Fear Of A Black Planet' album released a song called 'Revolutionary Generation'...It was a song dedicated to Black women..The song contained a speech from a chicago lawyer named Thomas Todd.. What well known hip hop journalist or dj hooked PE with that speech for them to sample..?

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