The Ultimate
Hip Hop Quiz #7

Each question is worth 10 points

1-KRS-One was once married to a fellow rap artist.. what was her name?

Ans=Ms Melodie

2-Shaquille O'Neil once rapped with a rap group who were known for being quick with their tongues.. What was the name of the group?


3-What well known rap group did the hip hop classic song 'JIMBROWSKI'?

Ans=Jungle Brothers

4-Name at least 4 groups that are a part of Master P's No Limit Army

Ans=TRU, Sonz of Funk, Kane & Abel, Silkk The Shocker, C-Murderer, Mia X, Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, Gambino Family.. Da 504 Boyz, Tru, Prime Suspects, Full blooded, Steady Mobbin', Big Ed, Mac, Magic, Mercedes, Soulja Slim, Fiend, Master P, DJ KLC, Mia X, Mr. Serv-On, Gotti, Snoop, Skull Dugrey, Mo B. Dick

5-What well known artist rapped about people questioning as to why he was hanging out in LA 'hanging out with Filipinos and Essays'.. [spelling may be wrong]..


6-What do the Mountain Brothers, The Boo Yaa Trybe and the Invisible Skratch Piklz have in common other then being male hip hoppers...?

Ans=They are all Asian or Pacific Islanders

7-Name three rap artists who were featured in full length movies before Ice T and Ice Cube .. For an extra 20 points name the movies they were featured in..

Ans=Fat Boys 'Disorderlies', LL Cool J 'Tougher Than Leather' & 'Toys', Run DMC 'Tougher Than Leather',Kid N Play 'House Party I & II'

8-What female artist did the song 'Princess Of The Posse'?

Ans=Queen Latifah

9-What well known rap artist had a beef with basketball star Rasheed Wallace.. Hint he released a song dissin' him?


10-Name the original members of the group UTFO?

ans=Kangol, Educated Rapper, Dr Ice, Mixmaster Ice

Bonus Question worth 50 points: What well known radio personality did the rap song 'We Wear The Crown'.. Who did he have a special guest back up singer?

ans=Gary Byrd

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