The Ultimate
Hip Hop Quiz #7

Each question is worth 10 points

1-KRS-One was once married to a fellow rap artist.. what was her name?

2-Shaquille O'Neil once rapped with a rap group who were known for being quick with their tongues.. What was the name of the group?

3-What well known rap group did the hip hop classic song 'JIMBROWSKI'?

4-Name at least 4 groups that are a part of Master P's No Limit Army

TRU Sonz of Funk Kane & Abel Silkk The Shocker 5-What well known artist rapped about people questioning as to why he was hanging out in LA 'hanging out with Filipinos and Essays'.. [spelling may be wrong]..

6-What do the Mountain Brothers, The Boo Yaa Trybe and the Invisible Skratch Piklz have in common other then being male hip hoppers...?

7-Name three rap artists who were featured in full length movies before Ice T and Ice Cube .. For an extra 20 points name the movies they were featured in..

8-What female artist did the song 'Princess Of The Posse'?

9-What well known rap artist had a beef with basketball star Rasheed Wallace.. Hint he released a song dissin' him?

10-Name the original members of the group UTFO?

Bonus Question worth 50 points: What well known radio personality did the rap song 'We Wear The Crown'.. Who did he have a special guest back up singer?

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