This is the third of the Ultimate Hip Hop Trivia Series.... Each question is worth 100 points.. The top 10% will win a prize.. Good Luck
  1. In 1996 there are two rap artists who depicted themselves as Jesus Christ on their album covers.. Who were they?

    Answer=Chino XL and 2Pac aka Makavelli

  2. A few years ago... rap artist Chicago based Common Sense released a song called I Used To Love HER? Who was he referring to in that song?

    Answer=He was referring to hip hop

  3. What rap artist did the song 'Gangster Bitch'?


  4. What famous rap act 'discovered' the group Das EFX and help put them on? Hint: They were discovered at a talent show...

    Answer= EPMD

  5. Who was the first rap artist to record a song with James Brown? For an extra 50 points what was the name of the song?

    Answer=Afrika Bambaataa....
    The song was called 'Unity'

  6. London has long been up on the hip hop scene. One of their most famous artists to make it here in the US was Monie Love However, there have been a few others who proceeded her... Name at least two other UK based artists who've made it here in the US prior to Monie's arrival? Hint: One of these artists was on Profile Records

    Answer=Derek B was on Profile Records.... Slick Rick is another act... Another act was the Cookie Crew

  7. A lot of people don't know.. but comedian Eddie Murphy had a brother who got busy on the hip hop scene... They dropped a song in the early 90s.. What was the name of that group?

    Answer=They were called the K-9 Posse

  8. She was once mistakenly credited with inventing rap... She's a famous 'modern rock'/ new wave artist who did a rap song in the early 80s. Who was this famous singer and who was the rap artist she did the song with...?

    Answer=The name of the artist is Blondie and she did a song called Rapture with Grandmaster Flash

  9. The song Gangsta's Paradisewhich was featured in the movie 'Dangerous Minds' was a hip interpolation of a song called 'Past Time Paradise' by a well known singer... Who was this singer that Coolio 'borrowed' the beat from?

    Answer=The singer is Stevie Wonder and the album in which this song is found is called 'Songs To The Key Of Life'

  10. Hip Hop has long been considered a diverse form of music... It frequently attaches itself to other music genres.. Name 3 rap acts that have released records with rock-n-roll groups

    Answer=1-Run DMC/ Aerosmith
    2-Public Enemy/ Anthrax
    3-Public Enemy/ Rage Against The Machine
    4-B-Legit/ Darryl Hall are just a few of the many acts who've come together and pooled their talent.

    Bonus Question worth 200 pts....

    Singer Adriana Evans has been blowing up the spot with her hit record 'Reality'.. However, like many other soulful singers in todays times, she got her first break within hip hop. Name the artist and song that first put Ms Evans on the map...Hint: It's the theme song to my hip hop show 'The Friday Night Vibe'

    Answer=Dred Scott and the song was Check The Vibe

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