Ultimate Hip Hop Quiz # 5 Answers

Each Question is worth 100 points...

  1. -What famous producer/group member discovered Kool G Rap and DJ Polo ?

    answer: ERIC B

  2. -Which rap artist is cousin to Ice Cube?
    A- Del Tha Funkee Homosaphien B-YoYo C-Kam D-Biz Markie


  3. What rap group has been leading the cause to bring an end to the oppression that's being experienced by the Tibetan people?

    answer: THE BEASTIE BOYS

  4. What rapper held the nick name 'Son Of Kurtis Blow'?

    answer: DJ RUN of RUN DMC

  5. What well known rapper was accused of murdering a drug dealer while attending Howard University? Hint: Mantronix and KRS One produced him?

    answer: JUST ICE

  6. Before Everlast hooked up and formed the group House Of Pain, What famous click was he initially hooked up with?


  7. Who rocked the following lyrics? What was the name of the song?

    My troops roll up with a strange force
    I was trapped in a cage a let out by the Main Source
    Swimming in women like a life guard
    Put on the bulletproof, nigga I strike hard
    kidnapped the president's wife without a plan
    and hangin' niggas like the Ku Klux Klan
    I melt mikes till the soundwave's over
    Before steppin' to me, you'd better step to Jehovah
    Slammin' MCs on cement
    'cause verbally, I'm iller than an AIDS patient
    I move swift and uplift your mind
    Shoot the gift when I rip and rhyme
    Rappin' sniper, speaking real words
    My thoughts react like Steven Spielberg's
    Poetry and text
    paragraphs punch hard..my brain insane
    I'm out to lunch God....

    answer: NASTY NAS [NAS] ....
    The song was 'LIVE AT THE BARBEQUE' w/ Main Source

  8. What group introduced rap to the D.A.I.S.Y. Age?

    answer: DE LA SOUL

  9. What did the initials for the D.A.I.S.Y. Age stand for ?

    answer: DA INNER SOUND Y'ALL

  10. Producer Prince Paul is best known for his work with artists like the Grave Diggaz.. what group was he originally a member?

    answer: STETSASONIC

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