Dope Ass Lp
Spice & Paris Deliver The Goods
Off The Hook.. Straight Rewind Material
Head Boppin' Materail For The Underground

Spice 1's latest album 'The Black Bossalini' lives up to it's name.. Spice 1 aka Dr Bomb From Da Bay his album is all dat.. I can't say enough about it.. Spice truly delivers a superb performance.. He's often been underrated..A lot of folks don't know that almost all his lps have either sold gold [500 thousand copies] or gone platinum [1 million copies] but this time I think he'll be taking his place in the limelight...He deserves the props.. I love this album.. It's off the hizzie..

What has often lacked in Spice's albums was some consistent off the hook music.. He would have some dope songs... But never a complete thread to take you from one end of the album to the other.. This time Spice puts together a lethal cadre of producers that deliver some great work.. and at the same time Spice allows himself to have the type of variety on his album that will give it staying power... Spice's producers include.. Rick Rock of Steady Mobbin' Productions, Oakland's Ant 'Big Thangs' Bank,of Too Short fame Vallejo's Mike Mosley,of E-40 fame Ali Malek, Hen Gee and The Black Panther Of Hip Hop Paris...to name a few..

Let's talk about Paris.. Folks have been trying for the longest to figure out where he had disappeared to.. He captured the hearts of a lotta folks with his searing Pro-Black lyrics.. on his three albums.. But unfortunately.. he never sold in the numbers that he hoped.. He usually peaked at around 2-3 hundred thousand.. Hence P-Dog went underground for a while..and worked on his production skillz.. He did some stuff for the Conscious Daughters that was pretty good.. But he really came with it for Spice One.. Take a listen to songs like 'Thug In Me', 'I'm High', the Curtis Mayfield inspired 'Playa Man', which features Spice 1 on lead vocals, the reggea flavored 'Caught Up In Gun Play' and the very intense '2 Hands & A Razorblade' and you'll hear how Paris has seriously come to the plate to hit a homerun. ...Paris excels in creating moods with his music.. haunting, ominous basslines and pounding drum beats squarely match Spice's tales of murder and mayhem.. It's a good package..And Paris deserves a lot of props.

Spice comes through by featuring some cool guests who also drop bombs...Too Short and Ice T drop some nice verses on 'Recognize Game'.. which was produced by Ant Banks.. Doing background vocals is Kokane who hails from Eazy E's camp.. The song skillfully borrows from the Gap Band's 'Humpin'.. and it just takes you there literally..

Yukmouth of The Luniz and MC Breed come through on a cool track entitled 'Ballin' while, Mack 10 rips things up on another bomb groove called 'Fetty Chico And The Mack'... Finally we have an anthem type song the signifies west coast solidarity called '510, 213' which are the area codes for Los Angeles and Oakland.. Here Spice teams up with WC and Big Syke who was originally part of 2Pac's group Thug Life..

Track after track just seems to deliver.. and although a lot of folks have grown weary of 'gangsta rap'.. you won't on this album.. Spice has taken his time and thought things out.. He not only is a dope rapper.. but he varies his delivery to both flex his skillz and to change up just when you were growing tired.. I hope they make a clean copy of this underground lp.. because there are lots of songs on this joint that would sound nice on the radio... Definitely get this album and play it loud--real loud..

Reviewed By Davey D

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